Technical Manager



30 – 40 mil VND gross/month



1. Support architectural service and project sales team
Consult right solutions to project requirements in terms of technical performance
Prepare technical performance correspondences to customers
Own of eureka, software systems in calculating technical performance to consult project sales team and customers
Understand the metrics of identified segments – size / growth / competitive intensity to identify key user groups, influencers and decision makers, identify their behavior and habits, including problems and key business drivers
Identify key competitors and substitute products, services and systems portfolio, propositions, and strategies and predict likely future trend and user behaviors.
Responsible for developing technical manuals to support architectural and project sales
Coordinate with plant quality team to handle quality issues at job site.
2. Support Project
Use OGSM to manage the product/ system/service of the assigned product groups alignment with business strategy: define product specification
Lead and drive project product innovations
Identify new product / system / service opportunities from deep insight into Project segment and
UBGB operations
Technical document development
Develop project selling tool kit to support Project team (technical manual, installation, test
report, certificates, etc)
Ensure the interest of the business is represented at Government / other relevant technical association meetings.
Lobby by giving technical merits of plasterboards systems and increases plasterboard penetration where the opportunity arises.
Key Testing / Certification / Systems Development Effectiveness
o Assist the Product Managers to organize necessary / relevant testing and technical approvals for the new products.
o Provides information back to Department Head on competitors’ systems
o Ensure that all components within the systems are produced or purchased within an agreed specification.
o Consult where relevant to ensure that product specification changes comply / do not adversely affect tested performance.
Training Offer Development and Availability
o On site installation skill set training in specific systems as required for new applicators or new systems.
o Class room value proposition “COMPANYL FULL SYSTEM “ for Freelance Installer, internal sales team.
o Together with Architectural Service Team run Architect seminars or sponsorship seminar to build Green awareness
o Develop program, run and train sales team, applicator force to know and handle installation of new products and systems
o Maintain the relationship with them to ensure the Company have enough applicators to install products, systems in job sites
o Job site audit to ensure solutions are installed properly
Partner with Local Authorities to develop local standards and policies
o Build relationship with Ministry of Construction, Construction Department in provinces, Building Materials Association, Architect Association, Architect and Construction Universities, local lab Quatest 3 and VIBM ...
o Partner with VIBM to develop QCVN for our products
o Be responsible for annual quality audit

Technical knowledge, ability to interact with different customers types
Passionate to learn technical things
Excellent communication and public presentation
Strong decision making
Customer oriented
English and Vietnamese fluency
Minimum 3 years experience in building materials product management position (Technical function)
Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineer or Architect required


Le Quoc Do (Mr.)
M: +84 (0)906 695377; +84 (0) 909 691410

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