Personal Assistant



Probation and Incomea. Probation period: 02 monthsb. Gross salary after probation: 20,00,000 – 25,000,000 VND /month

Human resources


a. To maintain and provide a support service for Managing Director/Operations Manager daily
schedule, including forward planning of his workload, diary management and coordinating and
collating all relavant paperwork.
b. To set appointment and meetings for the Director/ Manager as requested including regular one to
one meetings with Director/ Operations of Facilities and his direct report.
c. To service meeting, including preparation of meeting paper, obtaining and preparing briefing
materials and presentations, and taking minutes when requested/ where necessary.
d. Respond and advise efficiently to all electronic or verbal enquiries for the Managing
Director/Operations Manager and other Facilities staff, using their own initiative.
e. To liaise effectively with internal divisions/ departments and external organizations on behalf on
the Managing Director/Operations Manager
f. To advise the Director/Manager of impending work deadlines of both internal and external
commitments, e.g. report, presentations, conferences, projects.
g. To ensure the smooth flow of information around Facilities, including action monitoring to
achieve- deadlines and project milestones.
h. To effectively plan and coordinate corporate training events, evaluation workshop and
conferences on behalf of the Managing Director/ Operation Manager, from inception through to
tendering to event management and post event appraisal.
i. To make organizing company letter, letter documents, manual, sale contract
j. To contact with customer to clarify, update information and build up relationship.
k. To organize travel arrangements for the Managing Director/ Operations Manager

- University or college graduated.
- Well English (verbal and written)
- Familiar with MS-office, Autocad, good computer skills.
- Working with responsibility.
- Good communication, attention to detail, carefulness.

Working Hour:
- Standard working hour: Monday to Friday: 8.00AM to 5.00PM (including the break time for
- As the request of Managing Director/Operation Manager on extra hours (dinner meeting, travel,
hospitality with VIP customer, v. v…)


Trinh Nguyen
Office Phone: (028) 39252566
Cell Phone: 01289293123

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